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Mary McCarty is available to her clients 24/7.

  • How to prepare for what is to come
  • How to prepare family and friends
  • How to make the most out of a bad experience
  • How to prepare for prison
  • How to prepare for a successful re-entry

Mary McCarty helps individuals, and their families, who may be charged or have been charged with federal crimes. While this is a horrible period of someone’s life, Mary helps clients develop strategies that will enable a successful and productive life after the nightmare is over. This situation does not have to be the defining moment in one's life. Mary knows it can be done, because she succeeded in doing it for herself.

Mary can be a great asset to defense attorneys and their clients. She offers an empathetic and experienced perspective to help walk clients and their families through a scary and overwhelming period in their lives, all the while reassuring clients there is life during and after their legal ordeal. One of the most important but overlooked consequences of the criminal process is the impact on the offender’s family and loved ones. Her services provide a resource for answers to non-legal questions and to serve as a conduit to other available resources. Clients and their families need to be prepared for what may lie ahead. No matter what stage of the investigation or indictment process you find yourself – Mary McCarty can help!

From the emotional trauma associated with the arrest, detention and long-term incarceration to the realization that a loved one may be separated for quite some time, Mary McCarty has the ability to help ease the transition. Mary McCarty assists you and your family in learning about the prison system to minimize anxiety and concerns as well as ease the transition both in and out of prison.

The decisions that are made early on in the process can make all the difference in how you survive financially and emotionally. After everything was said and done, Mary was able to keep her home, her credit rating, and the support of family and friends. The goal must always be about a successful re-entry back into your life. How you handle the early stages, as well as your time in prison, can make all the difference. Mary will help you strategize ways to navigate this most difficult time in your life.


Mary McCarty is not a lawyer and consultation with her will not establish a legal relationship. Nothing on this site or any other communication should be taken as legal advice. Legal questions should be directed to a qualified attorney.

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