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Re-entry Preparedness

Once the client is released from prison, we continue our coaching to help with the adjustment that everyone must go through. When one leaves prison, they are often scared and unsure of how their family, friends, and the community will receive them. Challenges such as finding employment will be one of many that the client faces. We will be there to assist as each of these hurdles is encountered.

The decisions that are made early on in the process can make all the difference in how you survive financially and emotionally. After everything is said and done, Mary was able to figure out a way to earn a living, keep her home, her credit rating and the support of family and friends. The goal must always be about a successful re-entry back into your life. How you handle the early stages, as well as your time in prison, can make all the difference. Mary will help you strategize ways to navigate the most difficult time of your life.

Among the re-entry support services we provide are:

  • Second Chance Act
  • Half-way House
  • Home Confinement
  • Probation
  • Employment Opportunity Strategies
  • Employment Interview Coaching
  • Reintegration Strategies (family, friends and support systems)